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MEL Valorant Premiership

Team OP





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Team Omni Performance

San Diego



Team OPSD plays matches in the MEL Valorant Premiership every Friday & Saturday

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The place to casually play or train like an Esports pro

OP Gaming will be using our sponsor company's advanced gaming facility. Champions Keep is equipped with high quality internet, computers, and peripherals to provide the best environment to perform in.

Our program provides a safe, enjoyable, and efficient space to allow individuals to play the games they love on the best hardware possible.

Located in San Diego, Ca

About Us

Here at Omni Performance Gaming, our mission is to revolutionize North American esports and pave the way for upcoming generations in the scene. With an emphasis on providing proper guidance for future generations, Omni Performance Gaming takes pride in focusing on the path to collegiate, amateur, and professionals programs, catering our training to help our clients achieve these goals and shed light on the accessibility of the esports scene as a whole.

OP Gaming Culture

We create a safe, enjoyable, and efficient training environment/culture.

Here at OP gaming we take pride in our culture, we do everything we can to push our clients to be better not only in game, but in life. Giving them the tools for success and guiding them on how to use them properly. OP Gaming does "all it takes" to help our clients succeed in and out of game.

Health & Wellness

OmniPerformance understands that when you are feeling at your best, you will perform at your best. When it comes to health, it is important to take care of both the physical and mental aspects. With this in mind, we aim to help develop skills to maintain both a healthy body and mind to enable people to get the most out of their games.

Steps for Success 

Game knowledge 

In-Game mechanics

Decision making


Mental fortitude

Team Dynamics


Our Team


Bryce Runyan- Valorant Coach/


"Through an 18 year career playing & coaching ice-hockey I have learned the ins and outs of the best possible ways to train both your mind and body. I started playing all video games at a very young age and it didn't take long for my competetive itch to transfer over. I have brought my competitive itch to games such as Valorant reaching high ranks and coaching others along with me in my journey. My Goal as a coach is to teach esports athletes the importance of character, accountability, dedication, and responsibility. All of these things were taught to me playing traditional sports made me the person I am today. I will do all it takes to teach our clients the importance of our culture and help them get the ranks they desire." - Bryce Runyan

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