At OP Gaming, our goal is to create training facilities, coaching, and tools that will provide players with a distinct advantage within their gameplay.  These capabilities will include a state-of-the-art esports training and competition center featuring top of the line hardware and internet connections enabling players to compete both on LAN networks as well as across the esports landscape.  We will also be providing in-house and online coaching across a multitude of esports titles including League of Legends and Valorant. Finally, we will be utilizing our parent company - Machina Cognita Technologies’ - world-class machine learning capabilities to enhance our training approach as well as improve the overall tactics and strategies used by our players and teams. Within this project, we will also be expanding to training camps and providing local high school and collegiate teams with an exceptional space to train and compete. As esports is a passion that has played a large role in our lives, we aim to create our own esports teams to compete in local and online tournaments. Our goal as a company is to provide our clients the best opportunities for success and help them to realize their passion in gaming and esports in a constantly evolving technological world.

OP Gaming Executive Overview



Here at Omni Performance Gaming, our mission is to revolutionize North American esports and pave the way for upcoming generations in the scene. With an emphasis on providing proper guidance for future generations, Omni Performance Gaming takes pride in focusing on the path to professional, amateur, and collegiate programs, catering our training to help our clients achieve these goals and shed light on the accessibility of the esports scene as a whole.

  • Create a safe, enjoyable, and efficient training environment/culture

    • Emphasize and embody our core principles

      • Respect : Golden Rule

        • “Treat others as you would like others to treat you.” The importance of perspective cannot be stressed enough when in a teaching or coaching setting. 

  • Cultivate a mutual respect between staff and client to ensure that training sessions yield the best results

  • Character: Ignis Aurum Probat (Fire Tests Gold)

    • “What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy.” Adversity is a part of life, how one handles adversity determines their character and success in life

    • Character first, first second. Though training to improve is a priority, helping clients transform into quality individuals comes first.

  • Teamwork: “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

    • Iron sharpens iron, when you elevate someone else, you too will improve

  • To obtain successful training, a collaborative relationship between coach and client will be paramount. As one continues to coach someone, the student will become more receptive and engaging, making it easier to get the best out of you and, ultimately, the best out of them.

  • Community: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

    • Great things are achieved when individuals buy into a collective goal

    • When staff put their best foot forward, clients, in turn, will perform at their best. With this, we can create something extraordinary

  • Educating individuals on the skills required to succeed both in and out of game

    • In game skills

      • Use the play, review, implement, and internalize format,  so we can give the players the best opportunity to see consistent growth

      • Encourage the importance of using a training routine to avoid burnout, prevent tilt, and utilize peak performance times to achieve the highest levels of performance

    • Out of game skills

      • Emphasize the importance of Physical, Emotional, and Mental Wellness

      • Build strong relationships with peers of a shared passion through teamwork, communication, and leadership

      • Develop positive daily habits and help to reduce maladaptive behavioral habits

  • Assist clients in realizing their passion through gaming in a progressively technological world

    • Educate clients on the accessibility of avenues to work towards long term careers and goals within esports and gaming

      • Putting our clients on the correct path to success in the esports scene

      • Getting our clients in contact with colleges and pro organizations

      • Outline potential careers within esports in gaming and how to obtain them


Omni Performance Gaming plans to expand in all facets of the facility. OP Gaming intends to expand to coaching other main competitive titles, forming our own local esports teams, while continuing to grow our facility.

OmniPerformance understands that when you are feeling at your best, you will perform at your best. When it comes to health, it is important to take care of both the physical and mental aspects. With this in mind, we aim to help develop skills to maintain both a healthy body and mind to enable people to get the most out of their games.

Here at Omni Performance Gaming, we focus on the importance of teaching that there is more to improving in a game than training in-game. Taking care of your physical and mental health outside of the game is just as vital to one’s success, which is why we emphasize the importance of proper sleep, nutrition, exercise, and training routines. In addition, we understand that honing in on skills to prevent toxicity, tilt, and burnout is paramount to the gaming climb and we pride ourselves on creating a healthy, safe, and fun community to uplift each other to become the best versions of themselves both in and out of game!


  • Grow a client base from local players including High School and Collegiate teams who will benefit from our facilities and in-house/online coaching 

  • Increase demand for in-house coaching across the North American esports community through the demonstration of the benefits as shown through the success of our clientele

  • Create and run training camps for clients in-house

  • Provide resources to local schools and collegiate esports teams to help support and grow their communities

  • Create OP Gaming teams that compete in local and online tournaments, utilizing our facility to be able to play in person while learning about teamwork, leadership, and community

  • Help our clients find collegiate or professional paths in esports and gaming