Our Coaches

At Omni Performance Gaming, we have an excellent coaching staff that is excited to help their clients succeed in reaching their goals. Our coaches have years of experience as a player and coach at some of the highest levels of their respective games and sports. They have taken the best components of their experiences in both traditional sports and esports in order to create the most optimal training for our clients. A core belief at Omni Performance is that there is more to becoming successful in gaming than improving in-game, that improving out of game whether it be physical or mental health is just as vital to one’s success. With health and wellness being a pillar to success in our eyes, we will be teaching the importance of finding and maintaining the optimal plan for each individual when it comes to training, nutrition, and physical activity. Alongside these concepts, we will also be focusing a lot of our attention on the mental aspect of one’s health, helping counteract major topics in gaming such as tilt, toxicity, and burnout.

League Of Legends Coach - Winston Yau

"My passion for competition and the endless pursuit to improve began in traditional sports. I played twelve years of ice hockey and two years of tennis and always played other sports during the summer with my father and brother to gain new perspectives to implement into my own game, while supplementing off-season training. I was never the most talented player on a team, but I had a good understanding of what I needed to do to ensure my team wins, epitomizing the “role player”. I would always joke to myself that, even as a player, I viewed the game more from the lens of a coach. Throughout my time in team sports, I developed a great deal of skills that shaped me into the person I am today. I always enjoyed playing video games growing up and found myself constantly trying to be the best in my friend group, but it wasn’t until I had a concussion during my time playing ice hockey that I realized I could transfer my passion and competitive drive in traditional sports to gaming and esports. Growing up as the esports scene did and getting to watch it blossom into the size of an industry it is today, I fell in love with all of it and knew that that was my calling. Though I have played nearly every major competitive multiplayer title, my main focus is League of Legends. I have played since Season 3, logging over 5,000 hours of playtime, in addition to the same, if not more, watching competitive League of Legends. It is no understatement when I say that I truly live and breathe competitive League of Legends. From watching all major regions and international events to tuning into nearly every major League of Legends-related podcast I can, I truly consume everything I can in order to learn all there is about the scene in its entirety."- Winston Yau

Valorant Coach - Bryce Runyan

"Through an 18 year career playing & coaching ice-hockey I have learned the ins and outs of the best possible ways to train both your mind and body. I started playing all video games at a very young age and it didn't take long for my competitive itch to transfer over. I have brought my competitive itch to games such as Valorant reaching high ranks and coaching others along with me in my journey. My Goal as a coach is to teach esports athletes the importance of character, accountability, dedication, and responsibility. All of these things were taught to me playing traditional sports made me the person I am today. I will do all it takes to teach our clients the importance of our culture and help them get the ranks they desire." - Bryce Runyan