Health and Wellness in Gaming, and how OP gaming wants to help

When it comes to esports health and wellness is often looked over. Our goal at Omni Performance Gaming is to teach young aspiring esports athletes how important the mental and physical side of training is. We have done extensive research on the subject and take what we have learned to help train our players. Take a look at this excerpt from David P. Hedlund to get a better understanding of the importance of health and wellness in this growing scene.


By David P. Hedlund, Matthew Williamson, Aaron Colaiacomo, Joanne Donoghue, Courtney James, Taylor Johnson, Ronald Kim, Raffaele Lauretta, John McDermott, Sheng Qiang, and Hallie Zwibel

"Health and wellness is now a commonly discussed topic in the gaming and esports industry; its impact on both player and team performance is seen as a key ingredient to success. As professional gaming organizations are receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in investments, and the salaries and prize earnings for the players are increasing, the stakes have never been higher. This situation has brought about a shift in how organizations and the players themselves are addressing health and wellness.

When thinking about health and wellness and how it affects performance, a good starting point is understanding the specific demands placed on esports players. A study done by Smith, Birch, and Bright (2019) examined the psychological challenges encountered by elite esports professionals when competing in major contests. They found esports players faced 51 different stress factors, including communication problems and concerns with competing in front of live audiences. Perhaps not surprisingly, these stress factors mirrored the mental conditions experienced by professional athletes in traditional sports such as soccer and rugby. The authors also found that gamers are exposed to substantial stress when they compete in top-flight contests. Isolating these stressors can help players develop effective coping strategies for these stressors and optimize performance while playing at the highest level."

With this brief outline of the stress factors that are present in the everyday lives of esports athletes it can help you better understand what these players are going through. Taking our OP Gaming teams for example we put our best foot forward when it comes to teaching our players the importance of keeping good mental health. Whether it's team practices or induvial training our players know that training 8 hours a day is less beneficial then training for 2-3 hours a day with a good head space. This is just a small example of why our players are growing at such a fast rate.

For more information on health in wellness in gaming you can read some of these unbelievably written books or check out the health and wellness tab on OP Gaming's website.

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