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League Of Legends & Valorant

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Service Description

OP Gaming coaches will follow a “play, review, implement, and internalize” structure during training sessions in order to provide our clients with efficient improvement to performance. Clients will begin with playing a game in the setting they normally would for our coaches to gain a general baseline of the level of play and identify what the main focuses should be in order to create a plan of action for the client to improve. After the aforementioned game, coaches will review the game with the client, going over the points of improvement, whether that be details such as mechanics or broader concepts such as game knowledge or decision making. The client will then play additional games to implement the newly learned concepts obtained from review. After a number of games, clients will experience themselves internalizing these concepts, optimally having the concepts eventually come more naturally to them in their gameplay. We acknowledge that just like when developing any other new skill or task, learning concepts is one thing, but mastering them can take a significant amount of time. With this in mind, our clients will be provided with all notes that were given during the training session to refer back to as they please. Coaching will follow a similar structure for both in person and online training sessions. OP Gaming understands that there are additional factors involved outside of the game when trying to improve performance. Coaches will also emphasize the intangibles that come with being successful in gaming. Clients will be taught the importance of a training routine, as seen in traditional sports, and sticking to that regimen to optimize the efficiency of training in order to yield the most successful results. This enables clients to gain more takeaways from their games than if one were to carelessly grind from game to game without proper reflection. As is the case in traditional sports, preventative measures are more optimal to reactive ones when it comes to negative impacts on one’s training such as fatigue, both mentally and physically. OP Gaming will teach our clients about the importance of prevalent concepts in gaming such as “tilt”, toxicity, and burnout, and ways to prevent these from creating a negative impact. At OP Gaming, we want to be mindful of all facets of training in gaming in order to ensure the success and growth of our clients.

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